DOSE Dealer de Café, 75005

One of my favourite spots on the rue Mouffetard, this coffee shop caters to students who don’t want to be cooped up in a library, to the young, hip and trendy who want speciality roasted coffee beans, and to passers-by as well with it’s To Go window.

Rather surprisingly if you know anything about the independant coffee shop scene in Paris, it’s two young French guys who are at the helm.

They have nailed the magic formula:

Good Coffee + Friendly Service + Free Reliable Wifi  = a great local coffee shop.

Prices are very reasonable (1,50 for an espresso to go) and there’s a loyalty card, if you think you’re going to be coming back.



P.S. Thomas, one of the founders, used to work for the Maison des Trois Thés, so the tea selection (in the Bonne Mamon jam pots) is remarkable.

Essential Information

Address: 73 rue Mouffetard, 75005
Telephone: 01 43 36 65 03
Website: DOSEFacebook
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday from 9am til 7pm.

Androuet, 75005


There has been a market on the rue Mouffetard since the 1380s. It’s a long story (one for when you’re sitting comfortably) but it all started when some excommunicated priests from Notre Dame cathedral were settled on the banks of the river Bièvre, on the outskirts of the fledgling city of mediaeval Paris.

Although the Androuet story doesn’t go back quite that far, it has quand-même been the leading name for cheese in France for over a hundred years. (Since 1909, to be precise.)

They have a truly fantastic selection of cheeses (250-300 in total) each of which has been affiné (ripened) by master cheesemongers. When you first enter this tiny shop, the enormity of the selection can be overwhelming but you should try to tap into the Guillaume or Aurelia’s knowledge and follow their advice.

If you’re lucky enough to be staying or living in this area, keep going back every couple of days and getting a new cheese each time. The process of systematically trying new cheeses – and you’ll realise that their selection changes every week or so with the seasons – will surely help approfondir vos connaissances (improve your knowledge.)


P.S. If you feel you would like a guiding hand about where to start, check out my friend Jennifer’s blog Chez Loulou.

P.P.S. And if you reeeeeally want to learn about French cheese, there really is nothing better than the Paris by Mouth Cheese Workshops.


Essential Information

Address: 134, rue Mouffetard 75005
Telephone: 01 45 87 85 05
Website:  Androuet, Facebook
Opening Hours: Open Tuesday-Friday with lunch break until 4pm. Saturday non-stop and Sunday morning. Closed Sunday afternoon and Monday.