Casu Marzu – the “maggot cheese” from Sardinia

[August 2018]

I wrote about my experience of trying casu marzu for the travel site You’ll find it, under the “Unconventional Foods” section, here.

[July 2017]

I’ve already talked about mimolette (the cheese-mite / bed-bug cheese) which is often banned by the FDA in the USA for its high levels of *cough* “residual protein.” But mimolette is a walk in the park compared to its Sardinian cousin, casu marzu.

Casu marzu translates into English as the “rotten cheese” but it’s more commonly known outside of Sardinia by its nickname the “maggot cheese.” To the Sardinian people, however, it’s a symbol of national pride and of their cultural heritage.

Only a handful of people know how to make this sheep milk cheese (pecorino, in Italian) because, after a month of ageing, they make some long incisions into the cheese which encourages flies to lay their eggs in the very centre of the cheese. Continue reading “Casu Marzu – the “maggot cheese” from Sardinia”