Wanderlust is a condition I starting developing as soon as I finished school and has only increased in intensity since then.

Follow me on my travels as I go from the beaches of Croatia to the highlands of Scotland, via the backstreets of Paris and the charming mediaeval towns in Italy. 

Insider Paris Tips That I Wish I Had Known From The Beginning

You’ll realise pretty quickly that, in Paris, everyone is out to get you! Just try crossing the road. Even with the benediction of the Green Man looking down and luring you across, the odds are against you. The gypsies will try to fool you into signing their “petition”, there will be a kid (or many) ready to pickpocket you in the métro, in the Louvre or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Every time you step outside, you have to activate that voice in your head which says “on guard!” (more…)

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