Burnt Food


It has long baffled me how something so popular in one country can remain relatively unknown in another, even though it is only a short jump across a bit of water away. Supper clubs. In London, they’re everywhere. They offer new perspectives to the somewhat stuffy restaurant scene. They can offer insights into new cuisines and inroads for new friendships – especially valuable if you’ve just moved to Paris or are a single traveller. Well, now it’s time for the hunter to become the hunted. I’m putting my neck on the line.

The idea is that every month, six total strangers arrive at Burnt Cream HQ for supper. The name of these events is “Burnt Food” … because I like to keep expectations low. I’ve been doing this on a regular and completely open basis since October 2012. You can come by yourself or with a friend. At first, it was largely friends or acquaintances of mine, but the word has spread and I’ve now hosted an eclectic mix of Canadians, French, Brits, Italians, Americans, Japanese, Australians… some live in Paris and others are just passing through. The only thing that’s sure is that it’s going to be a fun evening, interesting conversation and you’re not going to leave hungry.

The menu is dictated according to whatever is available at the market that morning. Come, enjoy a great evening, meet some interesting people and let your tastebuds take over. 

Burnt Wine


Every month I open the front door of Burnt Cream HQ and welcome a group of people to taste a selection of my favourite wines. Unlike “Burnt Food”, where the emphasis is on the food, these “Burnt Wine” evenings put the spotlight on some interesting, hard-to-find wines.

Emma works in the wine and spirits industry and therefore has un-paralleled access to some of the most superlative of wines from all over the world. She is often out visiting the vineyards – her frizzy afro was last sighted in Tuscany, sitting under a fig tree, outside the tasting cellar at Colombaia…

Previous themes have included: “Sweet and Sticky,” “Mosel Rieslings” (presented by Alexander Zulch from Vins Vivants) “Burnt Wine looks East”, “Under The Tuscan Sun” and “Naturally French.” 

Held on a Sunday evening roughly every month, the price may vary between 25€ and 50€ per person (depending on the quality of the wines.) This kind of wine tasting will typically cost you around 100€, but the fact that it is held in my own home means I can drop the price. Places are limited to a maximum of 8 people per session* and will be conducted mainly in English. These evenings are great opportunities for you to increase your knowledge about wine and ask any questions you’ve never had the opportunity or have been too afraid to ask.

OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2015: a series of three evening sessions designed to further your knowledge of French wines and their terroirs.

More here.

* If you already have a group of thirsty friends (maybe you’ve got people visiting you from out of town, and you’d like to do something a little different) I can also host a private wine tasting around your requirements. Ping me a message to talk further.