Le Fourbi, 75007


Le Fourbi is a new cocktail bar that’s popped up in the very sleepy 7th arrondissement. (Opened September 2013.)

Between La Tour-Maubourg and Ecole Militaire, two gorgeous Italian brothers – twins, to boot – who made their names in Paris as DJs have now teamed up with a top barman to offer a winning combination.

Cocktails, music, food, wine, all in an old brothel! The boys opened up their bar over the summer, initially for friends and family only. They’ve cleaned up the place thoroughly since its more seedy days and have adopted a real mix’n’match of themes and influences.

There is pop art of naked women on the back wall, a fox jumping through a mirror (rather reminiscent in style of the Curio Parlour), a tiled ceiling (echoing the Ball Room) and beautiful glass lights over the bar.

Downstairs, where there was previously just a single bed and a dingy shower, is now a little kitchen which is turning out Italian aperitivo style dishes.

After hours, the lights go down and the music goes up. The sound-proofing (a feature from the bar’s less-than-reputable past that they haven’t changed) means that the night can continue until 5am without disturbing the neighbours.

A glass of wine (Italian, of course) will set you back between 6 and 10€. A cocktail is very reasonably priced at 10€ a pop (but it is worth paying the supplement for a better-quality alcohol.) There’s not the attention to detail or the level of service that you get in the bars in high-end cocktail bars, but then we always knew that it’s dangerous to get accustomed to the likes of the Sherry Butt, Experimental and Le Coq. In short, this is a fun place to hang out and I would highly recommend it.


Essential Information

Address: 25 bis, rue Duvivier, 75007
Telephone: 01 43 79 14 32
Website: Facebook
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, from 8pm-2am (late nights until 5am.)
Reservations: not necessary. 
Suggested footwear: some nice patent heels would not go amiss…  


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Emma Bentley

Wine and Spirits Professional. Sommelier. Glutton. Traveller. Tour Guide and Writer. Trilingual. Find me at www.emmabentleyvino.com

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